Investing in Green Construction

How To Use River Rock In Your Yard

River rock is an excellent stone material that is often used for landscaping projects. When you lay down river rock, it provides a natural beauty to your yard, as well as offering several functional qualities. It is often used for edging, pathways, creek beds, and much more. River rock has different-sized rocks with solid colors, […]

Glass Shower Doors Hidden By Soap Scum And Hard Water Stains? Use These 2 Cleaning Solutions To Make Them Shine

Glass shower doors are a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Unfortunately, things like soap scum, hard water deposits, and fingerprints can take away from the beauty. The worst part is that even if you scrub your doors, the stains come right back once the glass dries. Luckily, you don’t have to scrub all day to […]

How To Remove A Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors from places like Alpine Wood Flooring Inc add beauty to any home, so if you know of an old home that’s being demolished that also happens to have a hardwood floor, you might want to look into salvaging the wood. Hardwood flooring can be easily removed and then reinstalled at a different location. Just […]