Investing in Green Construction

Could Your Household Plumbing Be Harboring The Legionnaire’s Disease?

Legionnaire’s disease is caused by bacteria which eventually causes pneumonia. If this condition is left untreated, it can be fatal. Fortunately, it is easy to treat with antibiotics. Did you know that, while it is rare, the bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s disease could be lingering in your household plumbing? What is Legionella? Legionella is the […]

Water Conservation Upgrades For The Home

With the increasing frequency of droughts and climate change fears, water conservation may be more on your mind lately compared to previous years. Fortunately, there are many changes that you can make inside your home that will help save water without impacting your lifestyle too much. The following are a few upgrades to consider. Showerheads […]

How To Completely Insulate An Attic

Your attic is the most important place in your home for insulation. Because heat rises, a large quantity of hot air will find its way into your attic during the winter months. If your attic is not completely insulated, this heat will leak outside, causing the average temperature of your home to drop and forcing […]

Hardwood Flooring: Is It Right For Your Kitchen?

General wisdom usually goes that hardwood flooring and kitchens don’t mix. However, many homes feature beautiful hardwood flooring that extends into the kitchen. Are these homes in which the kitchen is mostly for show while the family dines out? That’s not necessarily the case – it’s more about setting up your kitchen to accommodate your […]